To ensure that you get the best results possible, we offer only ONE service… Medical Massage for Pain Relief.

Unlike traditional massage, we attack the pain cycle with a revolutionary three-step process. First, we identify strain patterns with a thorough Neuro-Muscular Assessment. Next we break down crucial knots using advanced techniques.  Finally, we stretch the affected areas to restore mobility and provide lasting relief.


Strain patterns are identified during a Neuro-Muscular Assessment.

Crucial knots are broken down using advanced techniques.

Affected areas are then stretched to restore mobility and provide lasting relief.


  • Neck Pain/Tension Headaches
  • Upper Back/Shoulder Pain (Computer Shoulder)
  • Shooting Pain/Numbness Down The Arm (Cervical Radiculopathy)
  • Lower Back/Hip Pain
  • Shooting Pain/Numbness Down the Leg (Lumbar Radiculopathy)
  • Pain Down the Side of the Thigh (IT Band Syndrome)
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Painful or Stiff Movement: Neck, Shoulder, Low-Back, and Hips
  • Jaw and Facial Pain (TMJ)



Imagine not brushing your teeth or going to the dentist for 20 years.  Plaque builds up and eventually turns into tartar, a solidified form containing thousands of forms of bacteria.  If left uncorrected, this hardening process will eventually lead to gum disease, and sometimes worse conditions.

Now, let’s say you don’t change the oil in your car.  The combustion of the engine produces byproducts that turn the oil thick, dark and gunky.  Eventually, it builds up to the point where it interferes with the functionality of your engine and causes poor performance.  Ultimately, your engine will die and need to be replaced.

A similar process occurs in the muscles.  Your muscles are the engines of your body.  When contracted, they produce wasteful byproducts just like the engine in your car.  The good news is when you contract and relax a muscle through the FULL RANGE OF MOTION, the blood vessels in your muscles are able to carry away the harmful byproducts and clean the used muscle.  The bad news is that most of us aren’t using our muscles through the full range of motion…


On any given day, you are most likely contracting your muscles in a stationary position for extended periods of time (sitting at a desk, bending over, carrying a child in one arm while you perform tasks, etc.)  Keeping your body in a single position for long periods of time is not what your muscles were designed for.  When you remain stationary, the byproducts build up within the muscle and begin to solidify because your blood cannot get past the contracted muscle fibers to clean it out.  So the irritants remain in your muscles and build up, becoming stagnant and “gunky.”  Over time, your brain sends orders to harden the area even further (to mask the pain caused by the irritation)  This is essentially how a “Knot” forms.

How a Knot Forms

Once you develop a knot, that particular muscle doesn’t work as well.  Your body will recruit adjacent muscles to perform tasks that they weren’t designed for, to make up for the knotted up muscle.  The dysfunction spreads to your other muscles, and they too become knotted and eventually solidified.  This is known as a Strain Pattern.  When a strain pattern is present, you can start to feel pain in distant areas of the body (headaches beginning in the neck and shoulders, pain down the arm caused by muscles in your shoulder blade, pain in your low-back caused by your hips, etc.)

Observe the two pictures below.  The man on the right has developed a strain pattern as a result of sitting at a desk for far too many years.  You can clearly see how hardened the musculature of the upper back has become.  Please don’t confuse the hard appearance of the muscles with muscle tone.  It is actually a dense, solidified tissue that builds within and around the muscles.  This is what a strain pattern looks like if left untreated…

Workplace Injuries



Much like a dental hygienist uses tools to scrape and pick away the plaque in your teeth, we use our hands/elbows to break up the hardened tissue within your muscles.  The result is like an oil change, your blood flushes inside of the muscles again, and cleanses them from the inside out.  Fresh nutrients are delivered to your muscles, and the solidified tissue is restored back to healthy muscle.  You will experience greater range of motion and less pain!


How Massage Helps Pain


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