Omaha Massage Therapists — How Do You Choose?

As a massage therapy clinic who specializes only in pain-relief, we have outlined some of what we believe to be the key deciding factors that will help you choose the best Omaha massage therapist.

So… you’ve been dealing with some sort of pain.  You may have visited your doctor, seen a chiropractor/physical therapist, or even tried working it out yourself–all to no avail.  Somewhere along the line, the idea of seeing a professional massage therapist came up.  With so many massage therapists in the Omaha area, where do you start?  That is the purpose of this article, to point you in the right direction so you don’t end up wasting time and money by going to the wrong massage therapist.

When seeking relief from persistent pain, exploring various therapeutic modalities becomes essential. Physical therapy, often overlooked in favor of massage therapy, offers a holistic approach to pain management and rehabilitation. A Patient-Centered Physical Therapist in Las Vegas specializing in sports medicine and strength therapy can be a valuable resource in addressing musculoskeletal issues and improving functional movement patterns. By focusing on personalized treatment plans tailored to each individual’s needs, such therapists guide patients through targeted exercises, manual techniques, and education to optimize recovery and prevent future injuries.

Moreover, physical therapy services often integrate complementary practices to provide a comprehensive treatment experience. For instance, massage therapy is frequently incorporated into physical therapy regimens to alleviate muscle tension and enhance circulation, thereby accelerating the healing process. By combining these techniques, therapists can offer a multi-faceted approach to pain management and rehabilitation, addressing both the symptoms and root causes of discomfort. This holistic strategy empowers patients to take charge of their recovery, leading to improved outcomes and a better quality of life.

Look For A CREDIBLE Massage Therapist In The Omaha Area…

Credibility is by far the most important factor when deciding on a massage therapist in the Omaha area.  You want to be sure that you are seeing a therapist who has experience in dealing with pain-relief issues like the one you are experiencing and some of them work with special natural cannabis oils to relieve joint pain and induce relaxation, check out for cannabis products.  You don’t want to waste your time and money on a run-of-the-mill massage therapist.  The following tips will help you find a therapist with the right experience who can achieve the results you need.


Homepage: You can tell a lot about a company by the look of their website.  How do they portray their office?  Do they have a bunch of spa-like pictures that demonstrate a pampered atmosphere, or is there more of a medical feel to the office?  Are they showing pictures of THEIR office, or is it all stock photography?  The overall feel of the site will tell you quite a bit about what kind of clients they normally see.  An office that appears medical in nature will employ therapists that better suit your needs for pain-relief.  Hot stones and aromatherapy might be great for mom on Mother’s Day, but they aren’t your best choice for eliminating PAIN.

About Us: They should clearly state their level of experience and what type of clientele they serve; look for the words “Pain-Relief.”  They should also have a picture of themselves, so you can see exactly who will have their hands on your body.  Here it is important to remember that ten years in the industry usually does not mean ten years of specifically providing pain-relief, especially if they offer other styles of massage therapy.  Find a specialist.

Services: Here they should tell you what styles of massage they offer (there are hundreds of modalities)  You will often find therapists listing a bunch of modalities (myofascial release, reiki, kundalini and a bunch of other names you probably will not recognize)  This is NOT specializing.  When it comes to massage for pain-relief, offering a ton of modalities simply means they are a master of none.  Don’t be fooled by this advertising trick; instead, look for simple words like “medical massage,” “pain-relief,” and “deep-tissue.”  Again, find a specialist.


Online reviews will tell you a lot.  The best place to learn about a clinic/therapist is from people like you who have already spent money there.  You can usually find reviews on sites such as Yelp, Google Plus, Facebook, and they should also have some on their own website.  If they don’t have any reviews online, it may not be a bad sign, but it definitely is not a great one.  Our recommendation is to find a clinic/therapist that has reviews by people with conditions that are similar to your own.

Phone Interview:

If their website is lacking information, call them.  Don’t be shy about asking questions regarding their experience and what type of work they do/have done.  Tell them about your current situation, and ask them what they would do to fix it.  You will have questions, and a qualified therapist will always be happy to answer them.  Be sure to ask about other clients in a situation similar to yours, and find out if and how they achieved results for those clients.  If they are inexperienced it will stand out very quickly in a phone call.


Low Price: Many Omaha massage therapists offer ridiculously low rates.  We strongly urge you to stay away from those “deals” if you are looking for pain-relief.  Cheap massage deals are usually offered by therapists who are in one of two situations: 1) They are extremely low experience, and are looking to build a base clientele, or 2) They have been in business a while and are struggling to keep clients interested.  Either way, they won’t be the best investment of your time and money.  A cheap massage will definitely feel better than no massage, but it isn’t the best option for pain-relief.

High Price: If an Omaha massage therapist is charging higher than the average price (above $65-75) you will really want to look at their track record.  Many times, these are simply relaxation clinics that are targeting the wealthy.  Setting high prices is a well-known advertising trick that is used to attract a wealthy clientele, because it is human nature to see a higher price tag and assume it has a higher value.  The phrase “you get what you pay for” doesn’t always apply when you are talking about massage for pain-relief, especially here in Omaha. The chances are good that you will need multiple sessions to get the long-term relief you are looking for, so keep that in mind when deciding.

Upgrades: Be wary of places that try to sell you “upgrades” such as “deep-tissue” or any other “advanced” modality for an additional cost.  If that therapist is indeed advanced in that therapy, then they should already be using it on EVERY client in order to help that person.  The fact that it isn’t included with their standard rate simply means that they view it as outside of their standard, hence, they are not a specialist.  If you are looking for deep-tissue massage, then your money is better spent at a clinic that specializes in deep-tissue massage.

Location and Hours:

Convenience: We have saved this for last because if you are looking for QUALITY, then convenience is secondary.  How many times have you driven across town to your favorite restaurant simply because you know you will absolutely have an excellent meal?  The same may hold true for your dentist… you found somebody you like and trust to do a good job, so driving there is just part of the process to get results.  The practice of medical massage therapy is much like dentistry–it takes a certain level of skill and experience to achieve long-term results.  The clinic just around the corner may be convenient, but are they the best choice for your condition?

Multiple Locations: Clinics with several locations throughout the city may seem like a good option if your primary concern is convenience.  Two words of caution: 1) These clinics are franchises (like McDonalds) that are owned by BUSINESSPEOPLE, not massage therapists.  A businessperson’s primary interest is one thing–making money.  A clinic that is owned by a massage therapist will have a different primary concern–getting you results.  2) When you go to multiple locations, you will have to see different therapists.  Continuing therapy with the same therapist will be MUCH more effective, because he or she will learn your body and be able to get more work done in a shorter amount of time.  Ultimately, the results will come more quickly and you will save money by sticking with a single location owned by a massage therapist.

Your Most Valuable Asset Is Your Body, Choose Wisely!

When you are choosing an Omaha massage therapist, remember that you literally are putting your health in that person’s hands.  If there is anything we hope you’ve learned from this article, it is the importance of spending time to find the right person for the job.  We hope our experience has shown you some of the most important factors to look at when deciding on an Omaha massage therapist.  Good luck in your journey into better health.  Please feel free to ask us any questions you might have; we can be contacted by email here.

Thank you for reading!

-The Muscle Medics

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