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We are often asked what is included in our introductory session. The following is an outline that will help explain the process. By clicking on the headings below, you can get an idea of what to expect as a first-time client…


contactThe first step in fixing something is to understand exactly what the problem is. Your therapist will start by asking important questions about your pain, job, and lifestyle to get a clearer understanding of your situation.

After knowing more about your condition, your therapist is better able to explain the problem to you. He or she will explain the role that chronic muscle tension is playing in your condition, and how it likely originated.

Using the muscular chart, he or she will then show you the common strain patterns that have affected other clients in cases similar to yours, and relate it back to your specific problem.

Finally, your therapist will outline the session and show you how they plan to fix the problem.

Once you know how the session will look, you will have a better idea of what to wear. At The Muscle Medics, you are free to wear whatever you want. We provide three options to protect our clients’ modesty.

  • treatmentFully Clothed: Our techniques are effective even when done through clothing, so we are happy to provide this option. There are a couple pro’s to choosing this option: No time is wasted changing clothes, and clients who may be uncomfortable undressing can still enjoy the benefits of medical massage. One thing to consider, most massage techniques are designed to be performed directly onto the skin. While we can still be effective because of our unique techniques, it won’t be as effective as working directly onto the skin. If you choose the fully clothed option, it is advised to wear loose-fitting pants or shorts.
  • drapedMedical Gown: We provide scrub tops that open in the back as an alternative to wearing a shirt. This allows us to be fully effective during back and neck work, yet allows the client the security of wearing a top and whatever pants they already have on. This has been a very popular option with women who have upper back/neck/shoulder conditions.
  • traditionalTraditional: In this option, the client undresses to their level of comfort (many choose to continue wearing underwear) and covers him or herself with a sheet. Each body part needing to be worked will be uncovered only during the time that part is being worked on, then covered back up. Since this option provides the best access to skin, it is the most effective of the three. At The Muscle Medics, your modesty will be respected at all times


After the draping method is selected, your therapist will leave the room while you get situated (and wash his or her hands) Then the therapy session will begin. Once your therapist begins working, he or she will have a much better idea of your condition.

If your therapist notices a problem that may intrude on the effectiveness of the outlined therapy, he or she may have to change the course of that session, with your permission of course. Ultimately, this phase is about finding exactly what needs corrected, while getting started on it at the same time.

treatmentOnce the session is complete, your therapist will have more questions for you. The effectiveness of the treatment needs to be determined. Based off of your level of results, your therapist will devise a protocol and explain the best course of action for you to get lasting results.
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