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The Muscle Medics
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by Justin Tingwald on The Muscle Medics

I had an annoying knot in my upper right trap for about 2 years. Eventually it got to the point where I could feel the tightness when I would take a deep breath. After a few sessions here it was back to like it was a few years ago. Tightness is gone.

by Molly Brennan on The Muscle Medics
Amazing at getting rid of pain

Olivia is absolutely amazing at getting rid of back, neck, & shoulder pain. I've had upper back pain for many years and seen pain specialists but nothing ever helped. I found muscles medics online and liked that they explained your muscles and how everything works. I have been going for a couple months now and my pain & headaches have gone down drastically. Best massage place I have found in Nebraska!!!

by Nicole on The Muscle Medics
Feeling better!

I had pain in my lower back and the side of my hip from a dance activity that I do. My mom took me here to get checked, and Olivia was so nice and professional. She found knots and inflammation in my muscles and worked on them. Now I am feeling much better!

by Sharon Fustos on The Muscle Medics
Not your typical massage!

I have been going here for 4 months for knots in my upper back muscles due to fibromyalgia and am so happy with the results. I have also taken my 2 teenage daughters for sore hamstring, hip, and lower back muscles due to a sports activity that they do. Olivia did a great job on helping all of us get pain-free. It wasn't an overnight thing, but we all saw results in 2-3 sessions and still go for continued maintenance or any flareups. The Muscle Medics are very knowledgeable and have an unique approach to treating any muscle pain.

by Beth roth on The Muscle Medics
Feeling amazing!

Scott and his assistant have a way of of working knots out of my tissues. When leaving Muscle Medics it's a different feeling than any other massage place. I instantly feel great but it's like its lasts for a long time! It can be a week or more later and it feels like I just left! They are absolutely AMAZING! if you go once you will be a client for life!

by Vivian H. on The Muscle Medics
I felt better than I had in years...

My doctor told me surgery was my final option for my shoulder pain. Luckily my chiropractor sent me to see Scott. After my fourth session it was like a light switch went off, and I felt better than I had in years. That was six years ago, and still no surgery.

by Brian L. on The Muscle Medics
Life is too short to be in pain...

I've had over 20+ massages from Scott at the Muscle Medics. He was the only one who could finally alleviate the pain I was feeling in my upper back, right shoulder, and abdomen. I tried a few massage therapists in Lincoln, where I lived and worked, and ended up driving to Omaha because he could actually get to the problem areas and explain what was going on.

It turned out that I had some really deep muscular issues underneath my shoulder blade and up the middle of the back, just to the right of my spine. This triggered pain into referral areas including the right side of my abs when it was really bad. It was so bad sometimes that I couldn't take any deep breaths without pain. I also had shoulder issues constantly bugged me, especially at the gym.

I started out with the Muscle Medics twice a week and on the second session, Scott was able to really dig into the problem areas after finally loosening up the outer layer of muscle. I had never had deep tissue massage so having him break down the physiology during the session was very helpful. After that, I couldn't go back to spa massages or other therapists. I'm a no-pain, no-gain type of person so I had Scott apply as much pressure as I could tolerate without making me tense up. I learned to relax through it and within a month, I felt like a new man! I was back in the gym with no shoulder issues and my back was good to go.

I workout and run so Scott was able to give me plenty of pointers to avoid future problems. I maintained with him for a while until recently moving to Chicago. I can still crack my neck and entire back several times a day! Long story short, if you're in pain like I was, call the Muscle Medics and get it fixed. Life is too short to be in pain all freakin' day.

by Ron H. on The Muscle Medics
Knowledge and Honesty...

Boy was Scott on the money! This wasn't a day spa by any means! I went in (sent by my sister who lives in Omaha and went there (had been telling me to go for months) to try to fix a sore back from a slip on the ice back in 2010. I wasted hundreds on a chiropractor here, was prescribed Vicodin for the pain at one point. I even went in to try acupuncture (and I hate that witch medicine type stuff). Scott went over the facts with me about how my brain and body react when my muscles aren't in sync and how the muscle knots react with my nerves. It turns out it wasn't spinal, and it had actually been building up for years. The fall just set things off. He put me in some of the most excruciating pain I've ever experienced, but the end result was relief.

Scott told me it would take between 2 and 3 months to get the issue totally resolved and I thought for sure I wouldn't go back afterwards since I felt 'fixed.' But he was right. I felt the same pain again after 3 weeks and set up appointments at his recommendation twice a week for the next 2 months. I stayed to that schedule as best I could since I was driving up there from here in Lincoln. The third month I only saw him three times.

I was hesitant to even write a review, but after those 3 months, I felt so much better. I was wanting to write a review back then, but he didn't have a page to even put a review on, but I'm glad I get to share my story now that he got one up. I still go in for this or that unrelated to the back injury but since It's been long enough since that's been fixed that I can say that he truly knew what he was talking about.

The reason I'm giving 5 stars because of the knowledge, effort, and honesty Scott provided.

So far so good as they say, but so far, he's been right, and so far, my back has been good.

I would highly recommend anyone with muscular pains to visit him. Sure I was skeptical, but so far so good!