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If you ask somebody in the Papillion area where they go for deep tissue massage, they will most likely tell you The Muscle Medics. Why? Because we don’t waste time pretending we specialize in other forms of massage. We leave the fancy oils, hot stones, and all the other fluff to our competition. We specialize in only one thing, and we do it right — Deep Tissue Massage for Pain-Relief.

If you have already had, know the benefits of, and are looking for deep tissue massage therapy, then you can save time and go straight to our CONTACT page to set up an appointment.

If you have some concerns, or are scared to try deep tissue massage, then the rest of this article is for you!

The following is the number one concern, and most common complaint we hear about deep tissue massage…


Deep Tissue Massage Hurts, Doesn’t It?

When performed correctly, deep tissue is NOT painful!

The reason many people think deep tissue massage hurts is because so many people have gone to BAD massage therapists who advertise deep tissue massage as an add-on service. SOME people opt for the deep tissue, but most do not… therefore, that therapist is only able to practice it for a very small portion of his or her time.

The result? A client comes in asking for deep tissue massage, and the therapist’s response is simply to do what they normally do, only using MORE PRESSURE. This is a big mistake and often leads to a very painful experience.

An experienced deep tissue therapist knows that there are three types of pain involved when he or she is applying pressure…


The Three Types of Pain During a Deep Tissue Massage

1) GOOD PAIN During Deep Tissue Massage

If you have ever had a co-worker or a loved one working on your shoulders, and they finally get to a spot that kind of hurts but actually feels GOOD, then you already know this feeling. The Good Hurt. This is the feeling that keeps us in business. When you are feeling a “Good Hurt” for the majority of your session, you can rest assured that you are seeing a massage therapist who is actually skilled in deep tissue. This is the way it SHOULD FEEL.

2) PROGRESSIVE PAIN During Deep Tissue Massage

Progressive pain is very similar to “Good Hurt,” but it lands slightly more on the side of hurt. This is actually a GOOD thing. As your therapist holds this pressure, and you begin to take a couple of breaths, you will notice that the pain reduces back into GOOD PAIN. That reduction in pain is actually your neuromuscular system reprogramming to a healthier normal… which is what will get you LASTING RESULTS.

Progressive pain is an extremely important part of the healing process, and you should expect to feel this during the majority of your session if you are trying to correct a painful condition (painful movement, tension headaches, computer shoulder, low-back pain etc.)

IMPORTANT: If your therapist takes you into progressive pain, they should hold the pressure long enough for it to reduce back down to good pain. Some therapists will get to that perfect spot, rub it a little, and quickly move on the the next spot… those are the sessions you find yourself getting annoyed, or feeling “teased.” If they find the right spots, but don’t HOLD the pressure on them long enough for you to let go of the pain, find a different therapist.

3) UNBEARABLE PAIN During Deep Tissue Massage

This is a level of pain you will find your body trying to escape from. The most common signs you are in unbearable pain — your body contracts muscles to protect itself and/or you find yourself holding your breath until the therapist hopefully eases off. YOU SHOULD NEVER BE IN UNBEARABLE PAIN DURING A DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE. A good rule of thumb: if you catch yourself holding your breath, or clenching your buttcheeks… tell us to back off!


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The number one complaint we hear about massage therapists in the Omaha area is that they don’t know when to reduce the pressure and end up going TOO DEEP. The second most common is that therapists are putting pressure directly onto bones, and even the spine! Yikes!

At The Muscle Medics, you don’t need to worry about any of that. Deep tissue massage is all we do and we will never have you in unbearable pain. Our REVIEWS speak for themselves.

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